Transformer tank also named transformer tank body. Which is used to hold,protect,cool the winding and core in one Electrical distributor transformer.

transformer tank
transformer tank

In the oil immersed transformer tanks, core is inside the transformer cooling oil. Tank body provides isolation of oil and the core from outside environment and is used for cooling process.

Most distribution transformer tanks are produced with cooling fin as corrugated walls or radiators. (The corrugated fins walls are manufactured by JTFY full auto corrugated fins forming line) The aim of cooling fins is to increase contact area of isolation oil with the atmosphere. In addition, in hermetic type designed transformer tanks, the corrugated walls permit a level of elasticity which is essential to provide volume change of isolation oil as it heats and cools, in connection with load and ambient temperature. This provides the tank which is totally filled (and hermetically sealed), with the significant advantage of extending the transformer’s service time and reducing maintenance expenses.

How many kinds of Transformer tanks be used in Power Transformer industry? 

What are those transformer tanks name?

According cooler types Electrical Distributor Transformers Tanks body also be classified into:

1.Corrugated wall type transformer tanks (This tank type most is oil immersed transformer,which with corrugated fins wall is produced by metal sheet bending and welding. Now, we have PLC control machines to manufacture the fins wall automatically from sheet forming to corrugated fins welding. For corrugated fin production Youtube: )

2.Transformer Tanks without cooler

3.Radiator panel type transformer tanks

4.Tubuler cooling type transformer tanks

Which transformer need a tank?

From above four kinds transformer tanks: Corrugated wall, Tubular cooling, Radiator panel types which transformer is need a tank.

The electrical distributor transformer without cooler, which don’t need use cooling oil, so this type are different with other 3 types.

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