1.what is a transformer? What is a trans Read More

1.what is a transformer?

What is a transformer? A transformer is an electrical device consisting of two or more coils of wire, which used to transfer the voltage of one magnitude to voltage of another magnitude without changing the frequency. It also called transformer action. The voltage is either stepped up or stepped down with out altering the frequency.During this process, the frequency remains constant whereas the voltage can be increased or decreased according to the need.

2.How does a transformer work?

Working principle of a transformer is mutual induction between the coils is responsible for transferring the electric energy.

In a transformer, when an alternating current flows through one of the coil, it creates a magnetic field around it, which constantly produces a changing magnetic flux and so, when another coil is brought near it, some of the EMF is also induced in the secondary coil as well. Since the secondary coil forms a closed loop, the EMF produces the current in it as well.

what is a transformer
what is a transformer

3.Components of a Transformer:

These are the basic parts of a transformer.

  1. Laminated core
  2. Windings
  3. Insulating materials
  4. Transformer tank and radiator
  5. Transformer oil
  6. Tap changer
  7. Oil Conservator
  8. Breather
  9. Cooling tubes
  10. Buchholz Relay
  11. Explosion vent
  12. Other metal welding parts and accessories

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transformer radiators
transformer radiators

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