Corrugated fins Seam Welding Machine be used to weld corrugated fins seam after steel sheet be formed as required shapes by Corrugated Fins Wall Pressing Machine.

PLC auto transformer tank corrugated fins welding machine

Full automatic JTFY 1300-400 corrugated fins welding machine controlled by PLC, operated by touch screen, fin width and length can be set as per clients requirement. Automatic infrared sensor control, auto-welding group corrugated fins,servo motor controls the welding gun moves up and down automatically.

Corrugated Fins Seam Welding Machine Working Principle:

corrugated fins welding machine

The machine is driven by the reducer drive chain for horizontal movement of the corrugated fins, automatic stop, automatic continuous welding corrugated fins, corrugated fins using pneumatic clamping ,welding servo motor driven ball screw up and down vertical movement, the width and height of the corrugated fins are set an the touch screen. The operation is simple and easy to understand. The welded corrugated fins have good appearance, smooth surface.

Corrugated Fins Seam Welding Machine Parameters:

Motor power1.5KW*2
Pressure adjust range0.2-0.8MPA
corrugated fin Min. welding width
corrugated fin Max. Welding width
corrugated fin welding height
steel thickness1.0-1.6mm
space between fins45mm-80mm
welding speed2-4fins/min.
welding performancesmooth surface

Key parts of welding machine

–Pneumatic Parts:

SC80*50  standard cylinder

SC63*75  standard cylinder

1.5″ hydraulic filter

4V210-08/DC24V  HANBING

AFC 2000   Filter、Silencer

argon-arc welding machine

–Argon-arc welding machine:HUTONG WSM-400

a. Adjust electric current slow increase & decrease, welding process be controlled effectively.

b. Equipped with pulse welding function, pulse frequency division high frequency / low frequency.

c. Has perfect undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent protection,  and is safe and reliable.

d. Welding station rotation, circular welding operation, vertical welding seam.

e. The workpiece is clamped by the fixture .

f.  Machine has high voltage, slow arc ignition function, reliable arc ignition and low voltage arc suppression.

g. The welding gun can be adjusted horizontally, and it can be used to weld various specifications corrugated fins.

–PLC,Knob,Switch,Relay,Sensor etc.:

a. PLC Touch screen:Mitsubishi

(PLC touch screen has automatic & manual control method. Automatic control can be set parameters of fins quantity, fins height, space between fins directly)

PLC control panel
PLC control panel

b. DS2-20P7-BS( 3M brake wire) : XINJIE servo motor

c. DS2-20P7-BS(5M brake wire) : XINJIE servo motor

d. 3steps knob,2steps knob ,emergency stop button,green button,pilot lamp:all use CHNT brand

e. Relay,Switching,Air switch: Schneider

f. PR18-8DN 24VDC   delivery and insertion probe : OMRON

g. PR18-8DN 24VDC  mobile box exit limit probe :OMRON

h. SN04-N 24VDC  Am limiting probe: OMRON

i. Infrared sensor:AUTONICS

j. NMRV090-60-YEJ1.5KW   brake motor(reducer)

k. NMRV090-100-Y1.5KW  motor(reducer)

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